We bring everyone together for the customer.
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ZEPIC is the Customer Experience Platform that unites all your customer-facing teams.

No more data silos. Just great, connected experiences.

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Who we are

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“With over 100 years of combined experience in the founding team, our life’s best work is now at ZEPIC

We’re a 14-member founding team who’ve built and implemented CRM systems, helpdesks and marketing automation systems for thousands of teams of all sizes. It was fun & liberating helping businesses scale.

When it all began 📜

Over the last few years, we've seen businesses adversely affected by data silos from implementing multiple tools to best serve their customers.

What if one could uplift an entire customer technology stack to bring all customer data together, without needing to rip or replace existing tools? That line of thinking aged well among us and so was born ZEPIC. We’re building a platform that will one day become the ultimate customer intelligence and digital engagement platform for teams of all sizes.

More on ZEPIC’s story from our founding team can be found in our blog. Beyond the platform we are passionately putting together, our mission into the months and years ahead is pretty simple.

We want to be the best help on the planet to anyone wanting to grow their business.

Tell us your goals and we are here to help. If our products help you scale, we’ll happily take some coin. If not, no worries.

Let’s still see how we can help you hit your goals. Except, maybe for birthday party invites, no strings attached. Just like real good friends do. 🙂

How we roll 😎

We appreciate that to help other companies meet their audacious goals, we need to be built and run with high standards and beliefs ourselves. We aspire to be a company where the talented, humble and ambitious will gather and flourish. So as we set sail, we will be guided by four simple yet core values.

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Excellence is our everyday north star

We are always seeking excellence. We bring focus and intensity into everything we do to meet the high craftsmanship we set our hearts on. Excellence inspires and helps create a better world, it can start with us here at ZEPIC.

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Persevere with positivity

We will be purposefully persistent as we try to deliver the excellence we aspire for. While we chase the big goals, we will also be spirited in the little, everyday things like being prompt, proactive and professional. Perseverance, like happiness, is in the little things.

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Innovation is how work becomes play

Real fun & next-level learning begins when we meet with a challenge. We then team up, excitedly put on our creative hats and uncover the next 10x impact idea. When we innovate, work becomes play for everyone, including our customers using ZEPIC.

We are ZEPIC

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