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ZEPIC is Martech Reimagined
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Automated workflow for hyper personalised campaign

What’s so epic?

Quick, extraordinary results from your campaigns, like never before. ZEPIC helps you launch hyper-personalised campaigns in under 2 hours, whether you're running sales, marketing or customer success. Our combination of no-code and AI will have you setting new benchmarks for great software.

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With Zepic
ZEPIC CDP and omnichannel engagement to the rescue Problems with data silos
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No Cookies, No Fear

Goodbye third-party cookies, hello easy peasy CDP

First-party data on steroids.

While the Internet does away with third-party cookies, consumers continue to expect even more privacy and personalization from brands. ZEPIC’s no-code philosophy helps you confidently adopt a consent-based, first-party data strategy without leaning on expensive developer resources. Using one platform for Customer Data and another for Engagement? Try ZEPIC instead.

ZEPIC customer data platform solves for the cookieless future

Unified Golden Records

A unified profile view that aligns and delights

Everything you ever needed to know about your customer.

ZEPIC allows teams to bring in ANY data about the customer, and more. Without the somersaults of ETL or reverse-ETL, you have the most complete view of the customer available to everyone. What’s that software that Marketing, Operations, Analytics and Customer Success teams love? That would be (Z)epic.

Master customer record, the heart of first party data

Omnichannel Delight

Right time, right place, right channel engagement

Deeply personalised, Best Friends Forever level.

With ZEPIC’s deceptive easy-yet-powerful flow builder, you can create the sharpest segments, workflows and campaigns. Free Santa socks for all those who bought red, woollen socks last winter AND haven’t bought this year? Celebrate eclipsing your highest open rates, highest conversion rates, ROAS, and many more north star metrics, everyday.

Hyper personalised omnichannel engagement

Supercharged with AI

Supercharged insights, recommendations and results

Omnipresent AI.

Seventy to eighty percent of data within the enterprise just lies there, lifeless. Not with ZEPIC’s Zenie, our AI engine. Zenie is behind the scenes learning from every bit of data to suggest segments, optimisations, product offers and next best actions. Imagine being the race driver with nitro boosts that never run out.

ZEPIC AI assistance and recommendations

Let's launch your best customer journeys together!

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